Project Manager

We’ve got a number of people here who are all working on projects, and it’s one central place to keep everything, all the information we need for a project. And it’s more scalable, if a project manager wins the lottery and doesn’t come in tomorrow, we’ll all know where to pick up the ball because of course it’s in Cloud Project Management.


Project Manager

We don’t use any Excel anymore; we don’t use One Note or Calendar anymore… Everything is pretty much in one place and that’s actually increased our productivity. Thank you Cloudproducts.


Sales Executive

Thanks to the Cloudproducts Inventory team for this wonderful system. I had been using a traditional software system before, which felt very limited. But Cloudproducts is like a fresh breath of air for my business and choosing it was a very satisfying decision. It has made automation so much simpler.


Purchase Manager

Cloudproducts has meshed business operations into a framework of cloud-based apps. Every action you want to take to grow a business can be digitized and Cloudproducts has laid the foundation for that. Inventory Cloud Application has helped me bring down our inventory control costs and the complexity of digital transformation in the hardware/industrial supply industry. I highly recommend their application.


Accounts Manager

We needed a solution that would merge all departments from Finance to Manufacturing and which would integrate with Inventory, Sales, Purchase, and Warehouse etc. The key was availability of information at the right time and the right place and with ERP Cloud Application, we are happy and believe all future requirements will be met with ERP Cloud Application.


Sales Manager

Thanks to Cloudproducts team's thorough understanding of our industry and their deep knowledge of Business Process, we've been able to get an extraordinary amount of information from our ERP system, in the precise format that we want.


HR Manager

HRM Cloud Application is a powerful solution for processing all of our payroll calculations in an easy and error-free way. Another great thing that I like about HRM Cloud is that it allows us to easily add, delete, and edit employee data, which saves a tremendous amount of our time.


HR Manager

I can comfortably say that HRM Cloud Application is one of the best HR and payroll systems on the market. The platform is so intuitive and easy to navigate.


Senior Sales Engineer

CRM Cloud Application helped to manage leads, opportunities, project pipeline, sales target & monitoring sales activities via dashboards along with reports.